Hardwood refinishing


Affordably restore worn hardwood floors

Fantastic Floors hardwood refinishing can affordably restore worn, dull flooring to like-new condition.

Replacing a hardwood floor calls for a sizeable expense, but hardwood floor refinishing by Fantastic Floors experts can solve this problem for much less . Fantastic Floors knows just how expensive it can be to completely replace a dull, lackluster hardwood floor and how much you will be able to save with our hardwood floor refinishing service. We have refinished hardwood floors for many of our valued customers in Redmond, Woodinville, Issaquah, Kirkland and other nearby Washington communities at much less cost and fully restored the good looks and longevity of their original hardwood floor installations.

Newly installed hardwood Floors are beautiful durable and long lasting. However, even the very best hardwoods will eventually appear worn and lose their shine from continued foot traffic; liquid spills; direct sunlight; heavy furniture movement; even the claws of playful household pets. These everyday occurrences will slowly erode the hardwood’s surface finish thereby causing damage that dulls when it's normally bright, lustrous appearance. To solve this problem, Fantastic Floors offers affordable hardwood refinishing services to homeowners in our nearby Washington communities.

Everyday activity takes its toll on hardwood floors

When hardwood floors are newly placed, and also when they have been newly refinished, the hardwood surface is covered with a durable polyurethane coating that protects the wood from liquid spills, abrasive dirt and wear from normal family normal family foot traffic. This polyurethane coating includes tiny slivers of aluminum oxide that further increases its ability to resist damage from the UV rays contained in direct sunlight that enters the room. It also increases the luster and brilliance of the hardwood flooring.

Sand and dirt brought inside on people’s shoes, or pet’s paws, are much like sandpaper in that they will slowly scrape down the hardwood surface coating. Once the coating wears away enough, soil and spilled liquids can soak down into the wood itself, resulting in swelling, warping and even some loss of color. The UV rays from sunlight may also ‘bleach out’ or fade some of the rich colors from hardwood floors, and make them look dull and lifeless.



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The solution is affordable hardwood refinishing

Hardwood sanding and refinishing done by Fantastic Floors professionals will effectively undo damage that has taken place over time and restore your hardwood flooring to its original luster and durability. This hardwood refinishing process will also extend the life of your floors.

Fantastic Floors will provide you with a free consultation and cost estimate at your convenience. Call us, e-mail us, or stop in at our store in Kirkland, WA whenever it is convenient to discuss your hardwood refinishing needs with one of our expert consultants.