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Fantastic Floors countertops offer homeowners diverse design opportunities, durability, for new kitchen & bath remodeling. Whether you wish granite, stone, laminate or quartz, Fantastic Floors has the countertops that will make your rooms beautiful, strong and long-lasting.

Fantastic Floors knows that today’s new countertops can make your kitchen and bath the centerpieces in your residential remodeling project. Notwithstanding which countertop material you prefer, today’s new countertops will transform your room from average to exceptional while complementing your interior design plan. No matter what size your kitchen or bathroom maybe, a new countertop, whether it is granite, stone, laminate, or quartz will transform your room into something very special in terms of look, durability and family comfort. We provide countertop products and installation services for homeowners in Redmond, Woodinville, Issaquah, Kirkland and other nearby Washington communities.

With the very large number of options available these days, Fantastic Floors understands how challenging it can be to choose the type of countertop that best suits your home.

Countertop color preference

Personal preference will always be a major factor when choosing the color you want in any countertop material. Since there are actually no hard and fast guidelines about selecting a color, it is often helpful to leaf through some home design magazines or product catalogs. These magazine or brochure photos can help you determine your preferences which, in turn, may help you make decisions when reviewing the full range of available colors. It’s a good idea to remember that the colors you see in a magazine or a catalog may look quite different when you see them in person. Thus, Fantastic Floors recommends that you choose your granite or stone countertops in person, as each piece has its own one-of-a-kind characteristics.

Granite countertops

Purchasing a new granite countertop represents an additional investment in your home. Since granite is an extremely durable stone, your new countertop will likely last for many decades to come. Because of the longevity of granite, you should make sure that you select a color and pattern that you won’t become tired of for many years. Colors such as black or green may seem interesting initially, but you may tire of these as time passes. Some homeowners decide to choose neutral colors like brown, tan, or grey to avoid this possibility. Moreover, neutral colors seem to be more popular with some buyers when it is time to sell your home.

Quartz countertops

Caesarstone quartz surfaces are an ideal mix of natural material and the latest technology. This countertop material is scratch resistant, non-porous, and highly stain resistant as well. It will also retain its good looks without requiring any sealants or waxes to be applied and is essentially maintenance-free.

Silestone is a compound made of natural quartz that is extremely hard and resilient. Silestone is the only countertop made of quartz that offers bacteriostatic protection, giving it hygienic properties that are not available anywhere else. It is an excellent surface choice for kitchen countertops, bathrooms and flooring, that is available in a variety of shades of different colors.

Need more info on countertops? We have it along with actual samples of each material. Phone us, e-mail us, or stop by at our Kirkland, WA showroom at your convenience to discuss your need for new countertops with one of our remodeling specialists.

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