What you really wanted to know about glass tile

Of all the floor coverings available on the market today, glass tile continues to elude many homeowners. Some are not familiar enough with this material to consider it an option for their home while others simply think it’s too maintenance heavy. Finding out the truth can open your eyes, however, to a world of possibilities that could make all the difference in your floors. Even when used as accent pieces, they can create a personality that is as unique as you are. It’s definitely worth at least a second look. Fantastic Floors, our main priority is seeing to it that you are completely satisfied with both products and services rendered during your flooring experience. We not only offer a comprehensive selection of flooring materials, but we also offer affordable pricing to all our customers. Our services are not only intended to create a perfect flooring experience for you, but also to earn your word of mouth referral to your friends and family. Visit our Kirkland, WA showroom at your convenience. We currently serve the communities of Redmond, Woodinville, Issaquah, Kirkland, and Bellevue from there, and look forward to your business as well.

Glass tile fits a variety of needs and preferences

The ability to transform your plain surfaces into an absolute masterpiece of artistic expression is just a few glass tiles away. The truth is, it’s easy to fall into a rut with flooring and remodeling, but glass tile can change all that. With an amazing depth of options, from a vare and simple minimum to bright, outstanding color, you'll never miss what you're truly looking for when you shop this product line.

The visual allure alone can completely transform your home.
Glass tile can be used to create amazing mosaics that can add depth, brightness, and a spacious feel to any space. Combined with attractive lighting that is perfectly positioned can add a depth of field that makes your rooms look even larger than they really are.

Combinations can be the spice of life, especially where glass tile is concerned. Adding it in with stone tile and metal tile can really spice up any space, giving a unique and luxurious appearance that’s hard to mimic. Since glass is smooth and non-porous, they're easy to clean and maintaining them takes very little time. A damp mop of cloth can bring new life to these pieces in no time.

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