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Fantastic Floors design consultation helps customers make important design decisions & develop a practical budget.

Our free in-home design consultation professionals can answer questions that will make planning for your remodeling project faster and easier. Fantastic Floors offers free in-home design consultation for homeowners that have a lengthy list of questions that need correct answers. We provide this service because unless you have had earlier experience, these questions can prove to be quite confusing. What’s more, flooring product manufacturers are regularly introducing new products that our customers need to understand in order to consider purchasing them. Our highly experienced design consultation experts will provide the correct answers to your questions and offer some interior design suggestions as well.

When you plan a new flooring project you usually have to make all kinds of decisions. Some of these will undoubtedly be about aesthetics, such as which color will looks the best with the new flooring. Other decisions will likely be more utilitarian, such as which flooring product will be durable enough to hold up against wear and tear from high foot traffic. Most of your decisions are necessarily going to be budget related as well, since costs are usually important in any remodeling venture. Fantastic Floors provides all types of flooring materials including carpet, hardwood, ceramic tile, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and laminate.

We surely understand that many of the decisions you face may be tough to make and that most homeowners will gain important knowledge from our design consultation service, where our talented interior design consultant can simplify your decision-making process by providing the information that you need. They will counsel you about which flooring products are the best choices for your home and even help you to decide which colors will best suit the décor in your rooms. They will also explain the available options and services that are the most compatible with your family’s preferred lifestyle.

Design consultation is as valuable to Fantastic Floors as it is to you. Since our consultant is consulting with you in your home, he or she will also learn first-hand about what your family’s needs and preferences are for the remodeling project. This helps us to provide even better service. If you would like to know more about our services, phone us, e-mail us or drop by our showroom in Kirkland, WA at your convenience to discuss or arrange for design consultation with one of our professionals.




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