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Our technicians have been saving carpet floors for years

Fantastic Floors carpet repair services in Kirkland, Issaquah, Redmond, Woodinville & surrounding areas.

Are your carpets damaged or worn in places? Don't replace the whole thing! Consider carpet repair services from the flooring experts at Fantastic Floors. Our technicians have been saving carpet floors in for years. You can save money by choosing to fix the carpet that you have rather than buying and installing new floors.

There are so many problems that can be solved with this simple service. Everything from exposed seams to stained patches can be fixed. You also get the added benefit of customer service online and by phone whenever you need it. And it all comes at an affordable price! There is no better way to improve your carpet flooring fast than with a professional carpet repair.

What can we repair?

If you have had the same carpet for years, it is probably beginning to show signs of wear. Walking across the surface and moving around heavy furniture can take its toll on your carpeting. Holes and tears can begin to appear in areas near the entrances of your home. Dirt can stain light colored floor coverings beyond recognition. Luckily, there are dozens of solutions that we can apply to bring your carpet back to its former beauty. We can even help protect it for the future! Here are some of the common carpet problems that we can repair:

  • Tears: Tears occur when something catches the weave of the carpet or scrapes the surface. A table leg or a chair can be your worst enemy if it begins to unravel and tear open your carpet flooring. Pets can pull up carpeting with their claws. Even sharp high heels can poke through a weakened carpet floor. Exposed fibers will degrade faster and the spot can open up into an ugly hole. We can patch up tears using a careful weaving system. The spot will be reinforced so it won't open up again.
  • Lumps: Lumps can form in the same way that tears can. Pulling heavy furniture over the carpet and pets digging into the corners of the room are common causes of carpet pulling and piling into lumps. These lumps are unattractive and can open up into tears if they catch on something again. We can reshape and secure your carpet so that it looks smooth again. The key is to make sure that the flooring looks even and level.
  • Stains: A spilled glass of wine during a party or dirt that was never cleaned can really take away from the look of your carpet. Common stain removers can actually damage your floors without really removing the stain. Deep set stains that cannot be pulled out with cleanings are better off cut out of the carpet. We can take a matching patch and fill in the space so that your floors look clean and complete again.
  • And other common wear factors.

If you love your carpet flooring but don't want to pay for an expensive replacement, carpet repair service from Fantastic Floors could be the perfect solution.



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